Exotic Percussion

The Milt Raskin Group

Cover of Exotic Percussion

Album Title: Exotic Percussion

Artist(s): The Milt Raskin Group

Year: 1960

Track Listing:

Same tracks (in a different order) as Milt Raskin's KAPU & "Exotic Sounds of Hawaii." This album appears to be in MONO & does NOT have the jungle sounds found overlaying the first track on "Exotic Sounds of Hawaii." This is from a recent (2006?) digital re-release; not sure if there was an remastering or not. No cover art was created for the re-release, so the album art is vintage.
  1. Koko Head (Pele's Creation)
  2. Lanikai (Heavenly Sea)
  3. Maika (Blue Green Eyes)
  4. Telani (Evening Star)
  5. Leahi (Diamond Head)
  6. Moon Festival (Chinese Festival)
  7. Kapu (Forbidden)
  8. Lehua (Blood Red Blossom)
  9. Iolana (Bird Of Heaven)
  10. Mileka (Orange Gold)

Note: Track listing may not be in correct order or even have the correct tracks for that matter. Feel free to submit track listing updates.

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