Hawaii Calls To You

Genoa Keawe

Album Title: Hawaii Calls To You

Artist(s): Genoa Keawe


Track Listing:

  1. I'll See You in Hawaii (Hula Tempo)
  2. To You Sweetheart Aloha (Hula Tempo)
  3. Ke Kali Nei Au Hawaiian Wedding Song (Hula Tempo)
  4. Lovely Hula Girl (Hula Tempo)
  5. Singing Bamboos (Hula Tempo)
  6. Lei Aloha Lei Makamae (Hula Tempo)
  7. Hawaii Calls (Instrumental)
  8. Hawaiian Hospitality (Instrumental)
  9. Moonlight And Waikiki - Hawaiian Moonlight (Instrumental)
  10. Dancing Under the Stars (Instrumental)
  11. My Little Grass Shack (Instrumental)
  12. Isle of Golden Dreams (Instrumental)

Note: Track listing may not be in correct order or even have the correct tracks for that matter. Feel free to submit track listing updates.

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