Hawaiian Keikis Dance the Hula

Genoa Keawe

Album Title: Hawaiian Keikis Dance the Hula

Artist(s): Genoa Keawe


Track Listing:

  1. Keiki Hula (Hula Tempo)
  2. Hawaiian Sandman (Hula Tempo)
  3. Piano Ahiahi (Hula Tempo)
  4. Dolly's Lullaby (HUla Tempo)
  5. E Kuu Tutu (Hula Tempo)
  6. Kalepani Hula (Hula Tempo)
  7. Tutu E (Hula Tempo)
  8. No Huhu (Hula Tempo)
  9. Coconut Willie (Hula Tempo)
  10. Princess Poo-Poo-Ly (Hula Tempo)
  11. Manuela Boy (Hula Tempo)
  12. Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop (Hula Tempo)

Note: Track listing may not be in correct order or even have the correct tracks for that matter. Feel free to submit track listing updates.

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