Moondog on the Streets of New York


Album Title: Moondog on the Streets of New York

Artist(s): Moondog

Year: 1953

Track Listing:

  1. AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS (51st Street). An improvisation in 7-4 time on the 0o
  2. 2 WEST 46th STREET. Recorder solo in 1-8 time.
  3. LULLABY (2 West 46th Street). Suzuko sings in three octaves against Samisen, etc.
  4. FOG ON THE HUDSON (425 West 57th Street). Oo solo in 4-4 time.
  5. UTSU. Suzuko plays the Utsu in 5-4 time. Introducing the Utsu, a small keyboard instrument in the 5-tone scale.
  6. ON AND OFF THE BEAT. A study in 5-4 rhythm.
  7. CHANT. Introducing the Uni (7 strings in unison). A pedal point to a two part round for voice and Utsu in 1-2 time.
  8. FROM ONE TO NINE. Nine quarter beat rhythms in Snake Time.

Note: Track listing may not be in correct order or even have the correct tracks for that matter. Feel free to submit track listing updates.

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