Sea Chanties

The Roger Wagner Chorale

Album Title: Sea Chanties

Artist(s): The Roger Wagner Chorale

Year: 1959

Track Listing:

  1. Sailing Sailing
  2. Erie Canal
  3. Fifteen Men On A Dead Man's Chest
  4. Boston Come All-Ye
  5. Rio Grande
  6. A-Roving
  7. The Golden Vanity
  8. The Drummer And The Cook
  9. High Barbaree
  10. The Wide Missouri (Shenandoah)
  11. Blow The Man Down
  12. Lowlands
  13. Earlye In The Morning (Drunken Sailor)
  14. Haul Away, Joe
  15. Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her
  16. Tom's Gone To Hilo

Note: Track listing may not be in correct order or even have the correct tracks for that matter. Feel free to submit track listing updates.

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